Saturday, December 13, 2008


Doof Drawing Mural by DVC Students

Doof drawing by Ethan

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Still More Pics

The Diablo Valley College Art Gallery gives way to The Doof Museum of Culture and History.

Doof lamp made from fence post in front.  At left is photo by Christian Paul. Painting on right by Clyde Darrow.

Bananas, a chimpanzee with artistic talent and an IQ of 150.

View of  Doof poet, T.S. Sharton wall with T.L. Douveres in background.

Doof pieces by  (left to right)  Frank Zincavage, Susan Lefkowich
and Susan P. Sharman

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pics from the Doof Museum

These photos were taken on the first day of the exhibition with most of the kinks worked out.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Museum is Ready

  I finished with the preparations for opening of the Doof Museum of Culture and History yesterday and on Monday the doors open to the students and public.  I am very excited and I think I got everything in its place.  The students that walked through yesterday were very thoughtful and asked questions which lead to nice conversations. I would like to thank Arthur and his staff at the gallery for their help and opinion.  I also would like to thank Frank the Tank Zincavage for his superb expertize in the field of exhibition preparatoration.  Of course a big thank you goes to my wife and collaborator, Susan.  She gives me more support than the cables on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Monday, August 11, 2008


Starting on September 29 and closing on December 9, 2008, The Doof Museum of Culture and History will be open to the public at the Diablo Valley College Art Gallery. All your favorite Doof artists will be showcased as well as rare artifacts pertaining to the Doof.   I do believe that the museum will be open 11-4 Monday thru Friday. there will be an artist opening on Thursday October 2, 6 to 8pm. Directions can be obtained at and you do have to pay for parking, but the museum is Free!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Doofs at Jack Fischer Gallery

The funky Doof retablos by outsider artist, Jesus Diablo can now be found hanging around the Jack Fischer Gallery, 49 Geary St. SF fourth floor. Jack shows the work of outsiders and none could be more outside than Diablo who once lived in his 54 Chevy. Diablo takes the Doof and places him in environments, in the shadows, threatening, while other times uses the Doof as an unearthly vision causing the inhabitants of the retablos to pray. 

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Doof Story

He gave her the only thing that he had of value. He gave it to her without hesitation, without reservation. He gave it to her out of love and the sacrifice that is love. he gave it to her because it was the right thing to do. The gift he gave her was what he was given so long ago. He was this gift out of sacrificial love and now he knew what that felt like. A happiness mixed with a touch of sorrow that curiously uplifted him. He looked into her eyes as she accepted the gift and the wetness there grabbed his heart. He knew then that he had did the right thing. He told her in a soft voice to take the gift and use it to make things right, to stop the pain. She told him thank you over and over for several seconds until her voice trailed off and her eyes dried with largeness. She turned quickly and headed out the door while he stood still and watched silently. He knew he would never see his daughter again this time. This time there were no clever reasons for her to return. She had finally got what she wanted, what he had always promised knowing that it was the only reason she would come and see him. But now that was all gone. By giving her the gift, he had given his only offspring her long sought freedom and he knew that he couldn't change that so he gave up his sacrificial love with a smile on his face, watch the car roar down the street and went back to what was on the still running television.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Students Respond to the Doof

As the Art of Diorama show draws to a close, My friend Leah Korican brought her students to enjoy the exhibition and to listen to me talk about my project. The best part is that they listened to my ramblings without a lot of fidgeting and yawning. This show was a wonderful venue for people to come and appreciate an art form without a lot of explaining. I enjoyed a chance to show off my Doof collection and to be able to realize a part of my project that until the show was just in my head.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Doof Manifesto for May

The Doof does not play with fire. The Doof speaks only the truth for it has no fingers to cross. A Doof can rest peacefully on canvas as well as be contented to be made of rusted metal or concrete. The Doof likes the feel of paper; It takes just thirty seconds to draw a Doof (but who is counting?). Anybody can draw the Doof, except. . . maybe. . . .nope! EVERYONE CAN DRAW A DOOF. A Doof is willing to adorn the walls of a gallery, home, museum, office, cafe, bar, hallway or restroom. Doofs like to be drawn upon or made from, cans, rocks leaves, cardboard and stucco. Doofs can be stuff with beans, cotton, sawdust, plastic, paper, memories and money. Sometimes it is if the Doof becomes a temple. Can the Doof be used in Voodoo? Doof is on the fence of product placement, but at the right price, who could refuse? Doofs do not mind being painted, carved, drawn, molded, poured, written or looked at. The Doof can divide itself into different sections of study. With every new study, the inventory of the collection grows. Doofmaking is an efficient time consuming entity. But the war with Art rages on, each with our own burden to bear. Doof exhibitions are events, happenings, the best ticket in town, Doof pictures make you think something other than what's for dinner. Does the Doof wear a false smile? Does that smile mean that the Doof is content? The Doof cares.The Doof looks out for you and tries to keep you safe.  DOOF ADVERTISMENT: BUY A DOOF Now back to our regularly scheduled program. Those that see the Doof as a sex symbol, that is your privilege, but please, get a room. Laughter builds confidence, a smile breaks tension but an evil smile will get you nowhere. This manifesto is sure hot work, I need to change the paper and get me something cool to drink.
May 24, 2008

Friday, May 16, 2008

Doof Poem

I wonder
how many Doofs could appear
on canvas or paper
set out in neat rows
How many would be compassionate?
How many humble?
How many afraid to be next to a Doof?
or a boatload of Doofs
heading out on a stormy sea
How many would panic?
How many would cry?
How many would comfort
before reaching the shore
Life is a competition
works good on a battlefield
but is it necessary
in a spelling bee?
Doofs can't spell
they can't see the symbols needed
Stupid Doof!
but he is entertaining.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Thoughts on the Doof

Doofs are without bodies for they are beyond earthly needs, after all, they are fictional creatures and as all fictional creatures, there are parts of their character that are omitted or not dealt with for the sake of continuity. the Doof's past is unknown. Although, the need for answers to the Doof's past is not urgent. In fact, the Doof is like a wallflower, fading out of view as the night progresses.

The Doof has the ability to transcend from low art to high with ease.

The question remains, can the Doof sit alone or does the Doof need a group to get lost in?

The Doof does not seek  offerings, only tolerance.

does the Doof offer forgiveness?

Although the Doof is only a handful of years old, the Doof appears timeless.

Does the Doof  proclaim anything at all? does it try to make a difference or is it merely trying to part me from my money with false promises of importance and urgency?

Doofs are not superstars, novas or antichrists. They do not seek office or try to lead.  They offer advice but you cannot hear it. Their advice might not be that good, because advice coming from a 2d image might be hard to believe....Doofs like to show you the way, although you do not have to follow that direction. 

Every Doof is different on the outside but the same inside. 

A Doof on the wall, high up in a corner can ward off the munchies late at night. A Doof hung in the bathroom can guarantee successful missions. A Doof placed in a field of clover makes them sweet. 

Doofs like to be made from materials that are slated for the dump or fireplace.

Doofs like music, that isn't strange, what is strange is that the Doof does not know how to play the maracas, bongos or congas.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Raves about Doof World

Here are some quotes from the press on Doof World

". . . Some artists may fit into several aesthetic glass boxes, while others, like Tim Sharman, whose Doof World  paintings, sculptures, and faked photos and press clippings create an alt-universe Magic Kingdom, defy such categorization. . ."
-DeWitt Chang, East Bay Express

". . . Sharman's work, titled,  "Doof World" takes the character to such locations as the Arctic Circle in a fashion that (Carrie) Lederer describes as "perfectly constructed and beautiful."
--Talia Kennedy, Diablo Arts Magazine

". . . Sharman has done a painstaking but imaginative job of creating a Doof gallery. . . Featuring Doof cloud formations, inscriptions on pyramids and an appearance in Death Valley..."
-Robert Taylor, Contra Costa Times

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fiction about the Doof Culture

FALSEHOOD#5133- Walt Disney did not base Mickey Mouse on the Doof. 

FALSEHOOD#4456- An image of the Doof was not found on transmitted pictures from the surface of Mars. The image turned out to be buildings from an ancient civilization.

FALSEHOOD#8879- A Doof was not found along side a Kilroy in a Japanese bunker at Iwo Jima.

FALSEHOOD#3321-  Doof necklaces were not part of the hand full of beads given to the Native Americans for Manhattan.  Although gold Doof watches were given to retiring employees at the ReadyStall corporation as a cost saving measure in 1956.

FALSEHOOD#6634-Three teenage boys did not in the early 1960's go to Mount Rushmore and climb to the top of George Washington and tried to carve a Doof into the first president's forehead. They were not apprehended and taken to reform school, where they did not develop the skills to land them top jobs in the CIA.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Diamond Doof


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Doof Painter

The Artist put down his brush. He looked at his painting and knew that it was finally finished. When his mind accepted his statement, he poured himself a drink. He drank while he painted and he drank the rest of the time too. He was happy that the painting was done as it was a bear, unwilling to succumb to his masterful hand. Many times he had wanted to throw the canvas on the fire but he pushed through and now was very satisfied with the resolve. The painting was a good one. It had lots of magic. He figured it had lot more than all the others he had painted.

The Artist poured himself another drink in his dark and cramped studio. He lived in a forgotten part of the city, and his work was never seen by the public. The painting before him was going to get him a lot of money or get him into a lot of trouble. He was getting too drunk to really care. He didn't paint for the money and he did not want trouble. He painted for the simple reason that he had to.

The Artist could only paint about three pictures a year. he worked odd jobs to make ends meet once the money from the paintings was gone. He tried to paint more than three but found the others to be trash, utterly without a trace of magic. So he settled for the three.

The Artist poured himself a drink and thought about the people who came to buy his paintings. Some of those people, the Artist thought, should not own one of his paintings. Of course, when they offer more money, he took it and gave them their prize. One time, the Artist refused the collector and burned the painting so no one could have it. That cost the Artist a third of his income and he almost starved that winter but he felt strangely good about it. The Artist knew that there were other artists like him who sold their work to the highest bidder. The Artist thought that letting his paintings and their magic into the hands of those who would not appreciate it a horrible crime. But that wasn't a crime. What was a crime was painting what the Artist painted. If the Artist was every caught by the Government there would not be a trial. The Artist would be swept away into the night and never be seen again. This would happen, even though the Artist lived in a great Democratic Society. Yet, in the face of all the danger, the artist still painted what he painted. He had to . He was a Doof Painter.

the end


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Let's face it. Art in California can only try to compete with nature. Blue sky, flowers blooming, birds singing, green grass, ocean beach, tall mountains, fruit orchards, giant sequoias, Yosemite, Death Valley. I could go on, but I won't. What's Art got? Let's see. . . Sex, Money and Politics all in a pretty package. Hmmm. I guess it depends how you want to spend your time. OH yeah, you can't touch the Art. Oh what an artist has to put up with. 

Friday, March 28, 2008

Doof or Goofy

It has come to my attention that people get confused about the Doof. They say that the Doof is Goofy, Disney's prized goofball. But as you can see, The Doof does resemble Goofy, but only in the way all early animation cartoon characters are similar. Are they the same character? Compare them with your own eyes. There are similarities  in the drooping ears and large eyes. The Doof does not have buck teeth or sports a cap. (Although the Doof has worn a cowboy hat on occasions.) The noses are different shapes. Goofy also has whiskers. Most importantly, although this could be just my opinion, but doesn't the Doof look just a little more intelligent than Goofy? I rest my case. The Doof might be a far distant cousin but the Doof is not Goofy.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Art of Diorama

Today is the opening of the show, "The Art of Diorama," at the Bedford Gallery, in Walnut Creek,  CA. Twenty three artists give their interpretation of what a diorama is to them. I am exhibiting a small installation of my Doof collection, including Frozen Doofs, a very chilly diorama of doofs huddled together from the cold. Also, on display will be Doof World, a minature roadside attraction that boasts a museum, cafe, picnic area and ample parking. Surrounding these works are items from the Doof Culture collection; paintings, photos, news articles and souvenirs. This installation is an exercise in developing my project of creating a museum of Doof curiosities that some day will beckon travelers to pull off the road for something cool to drink and nourishment for the mind.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Fable of the Two Doofs

Two Doofs met while traveling from opposite directions along a rural dirt road one fine sunny day.

"Doof", cried the Doof from the east in greeting.

"Doof", cried the Doof from the west in reply.

They then stared at each other, face to face, quietly waiting for the other to move first.

"Doof," said the Doof from the east to pass the time.

"Doof," replied the Doof from the west.

They did not move for the rest of the day. The next day, they patiently waited, with smiles on their faces until noon time when the D0of from the west spoke.


"Doof'," replied the eastern Doof and they both remained facing each other, smiles on their faces, not moving a muscle. They remained there as the days passed. One day little birds used the shadows cast by the Doofs to shade themselves as they pecked for food. Another day it rained and the Doofs got soaking wet. Another day it was so windy, tree branches and other things pelted the Doofs but they did not notice. They just faced each other waiting for one to make the first move.

The seasons passed, and on a crisp spring day, a man appeared on the horizon and soon came upon the Doofs. He smiled to himself as he watched the two Doofs stand quietly facing each other, waiting, and the man said to himself, "Silly Doofs."

The Smiling man put his hands on his hips and looked over the situation. With a knowing nod of his head, the man picked up the Doof from the west and move it three feet to the left of the eastern Doof. The Doofs now seeing their ways cleared, gave themselves a happy sound and started merrily on their ways. The man watched them as they headed in opposite directions until they faded away into the horizon. He then made his way north through a beautiful field of golden wheat.

The End

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Doof Realism a la Courbet

Lately I've been painting landscapes that deal with the Doof as an inanimate object that is part of the landscape. When I was 11 years old, My parents bought me a set of acrylic paints, a pad of canvas paper and some brushes.  I then got an art lesson from my father's friend who had recently took up painting. He showed me how to create a landscape in ten minutes. Later that year, my parents arranged for me to have painting lessons with Minion Kimes, who gave lessons in her home on Saturday mornings. There were seven people painting in a spare bedroom converted into a painting studio. Mrs. Kimes had her paintings stacked against the walls and I would sneak peeks at her still lives, portraits and landscapes. There were only two children there, myself and a girl whose name I can not remember. I do remember that everyone was quiet and busily painted on their paintings. There was a fellow who was making paintings of every Spanish Mission in California. he had a very bohemian haircut and he wore Birkenstocks. Mrs. Kimes, when she accepted me as her student, first had to learn how to use acrylic paints. She and I learned how to use them together. We also composed landscapes out of our imagination at times. It was sort of a collaboration. She would paint on my paintings. I tried to copy what she did.

Now almost 4 decades later, I find myself painting landscapes out of my head again, and now the landscapes have a new feature; a forgotten Doof, left in the wilderness.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Welcome One And All

Welcome, my friends. I now have a fully operational blog. It will be my way of being more spontaneous with the internet. Now it will be possible for me to show all of you out there what is going on inside my studio on an almost daily basis. Plus I am able to write down what is in my head, which may or may not be the best thing.

Today, I will not pontificate, but leave you with a quiet small survey of my ever expanding collection of Doofs.

Doof Gallery

a changing survey of the growing Doof Culture collection.

Doof Bling

Doof Bling

T. L. Douveres

T. L. Douveres
my portrait of the famous Doof visionary

Doof Toy

Doof Toy

Doof in a Box

Doof in a Box

Jack O'latern Doof

Jack O'latern Doof

Doof in a Marsh

Doof in a Marsh
9 x 12"

Graphite Doof

Graphite Doof
graphite on museum board, 35 x 27"

Beach Doof

Beach Doof
rocks,water and sand